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Do you only see your business accountant once a year? Has your business got to where it is by crashing through without a proper strategy?

Your relationship with your accountant is vital in your business, and for you to get the most out of our services we need to be PROACTIVE, not reactive accountants.

At Connolly & Associates we take the time to understand your personal goals and the dynamics of your business and industry. We strive to not just be business tax accountants to our clients but also business partners, consultants and advisors. We sincerely want to make a significant difference to all our clients’ lives, help them improve their financial position and to achieve their wealth-related goals.

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  • Grow Your Business

    We strive for a collaborative approach to ensure astute business decisions are made.

  • The power of forecasting

    To effectively manage your cash flow, all you have to essentially do is use your sales and expenses figures to calculate your cash flow figures before they happen.


    We can help you grow your business by helping you think strategically about your business goals and then help you achieve them with regular reviews.


    Connolly and Associates are experts in transferring and managing business accounts to any of the 3 major cloud accounting platforms. We will be happy to help you discover the many benefits to cloud accounting.

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Success Stories & Testimonials

Retail store accountant

Retail Store dealing with a fraudulent co-owner

“This case study covers a client’s journey in the retail industry. We have chosen not to mention their names or business for confidentiality reasons.” This case study is extremely unusual in that there were 2 owners...

Mining Industry business growth

Accelerated business growth and sale

“This case study covers a client’s journey in the mining service industry. We have chosen not to mention their names or business for confidentiality reasons." This client of ours was extremely successful in the Pilba...


Your success is our priority

Chartered Accountant Tony Connolly talks about the stand out business tips that his clients who are enjoying success are embracing.

  • Technology in house. Software to save time and money.
  • Digital marketing and referral marketing.
  • Targeting digital marketing to your ideal client.
  • Target right people, right time, get the right results.
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