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Mining Industry business growth

Accelerated business growth and sale

“This case study covers a client’s journey in the mining service industry. We have chosen not to mention their names or business for confidentiality reasons.”

This client of ours was extremely successful in the Pilbara, Western Australia but had encountered various business challenges in dealing with the largest mining companies in the world. They were:

  • Cash flow management around 90 day credit terms.
  • The up and down cycle of economic forces in mining and the broader Australian economy.
  • Developing meaningful business systems and KPIs within the business.
  • Staff management from training to retention.
  • The Pilbara’s extreme focus on safety records. An incident could be potentially terminal.

The critical success factor of this business was their acumen in providing outstanding client services and collaborating in dealing with each of the above business issues in a disciplined and focused manner. This was achieved via monthly meetings and formulation of actions.

The business was successful in their growth and business challenges. They achieved a sale of the business for their desired business value.

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