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Growing a business perth 150k tax write off


One of the governments forgotten stimulus package offerings has gone unnoticed and yet presents some great opportunities. OK so the new asset write off has gone from $30K to $150K. The reason we’ve not paid much attention is that who is going to ...View More

market for your business

Superannuation Guarantee Amnesty

Have you paid all of your SGC (superannuation) for all of your employees for all time? The ATO has discovered a large problem with employers not paying employees appropriately and as a result SGC has not been paid. Additionally some employers have...View More

MygovID Introduction

The End of AUSKEY, and the introduction of myGovID

It is not that daunting! From the end of March 2020, AUSKEY will no longer be available to access government online services such as the Business Portal. There is currently a lot of confusion regarding these government platforms and identification m...View More

business success workers compensation

Warning – Workers Compensation Responsibilities.

Do you have a valid workers compensation policy? With Single Touch Payroll now in full effect, the ATO aren’t the only government body who are monitoring your business’s payroll data. It was Workcover WA who recently audited a family businesse...View More

How to set a price

Crack Down on Employee and Contractor Cash Payments

Do you still make cash payments to employees or contractors? The ATO have recently reported that any “cash in hand” payments made to employees from 1 July 2019, will be no longer deductible. The ATO have also made contractor payments, where the ...View More

negative geared rental

ATO ATTENTION – Negatively Geared Rental Properties

Time to review negatively geared rental claims. The ATO have recently announced they will double the number of audits in relation to rental property deductions. Specifically, the ATO will focus on over-claimed interest, capital works claimed as repairs, ap...View More


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