The way you structure your business has a big impact on whether it will be sustainable or not.
At Connolly & Associates, we can help you design a business structure to meet your current and future needs by focusing on the big picture, as well as the small things that also matter.

Any business structure has ‘macro’ and ‘micro’ factors to consider.

The macro factors involve aspects of formal legal structures such as:Commercial risk

  • Separation of intellectual property from creditor
  • Taxation
  • Owners’ remuneration
  • Capital structuring
  • Administration costs

We’ll also help you focus on the micro details of:

  • Right customers
  • Right product
  • Internal processes
  • Financial funding
  • Vision of the business
  • Values of the shareholders

The tools below can help design the appropriate structures. Please contact us if you are interested in utilising these tools:

  • SCA (Strategic Competitive Advantage)